The only time a price will change is when an area or item has been added, or additional services are requested. As always, we guarantee our phone quotes.

**Keep in mind all of our carpet cleaning services include:

1. Eco friendly carpet prespray to help loosen ground in soils.
2. Deodorizer to freshen the carpet and room.
3. Professional spot removers for a wide range of spots and stains.
4. Fast Dry Steam Extraction
5. Gentle fiber rinse to make your carpet fluffy and residue free.
6. Free bottle of “Carpet Wizard” carpet spotter for you to keep.
7. Free shoe covers so you avoid tracking up your newly clean floorcoverings.
8. Expert advice and service.
9. Clean cut, trained and certified cleaning technicians.
10. Service from our top of the line truck mount carpet hot water extraction system. This equipment is gold certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute in Dalton, GA.
11. Protection – We are licensed and insured.



Minimum Charge for Service Call = $100.00

Room(s) – $35.00 per room

Stairs – $3.00 per stair.  $5.00 per landing

Halls – Under 10 ft $15.00    Over 10 ft $25.00

Walk In Closets – $15.00 per closet

Sofa / Couch – up to 3 cushions – $80.00

Loveseat – $65.00

Recliner or Oversized Chair – $50.00

U Shaped Sectional – $130.00

L Shaped Sectional – $120.00

Ottoman – $20.00

Area Rugs – $1.00 per sq. ft.

Tile and Grout Cleaning – A fantastic way to clean all the tile and grout flooring in your kitchen, restrooms and foyers.  $1.00 per sq. ft.

ScotchGard Carpet Protection: $20 per area

Red food dye stains, Kool Aid stains, wine stains – $10.00 to $15.00 per room – Up to 5 spots.

If you’re not sure what we consider a room. This should clear things up. Any room that is over 200 square feet is considered 2 rooms.

Carpet Antimicrobial Sanitizer – $10.00 per room – Kills and reduces most mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus and microbes in your carpet.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Treatment – $15.00 per room – Up to 5 spots.

Pet Odor sub surface injection treatment – $40.00 per area – This is usually performed on severe pet stain and odor areas where surface treatment will not be effective. Includes pet stain treatment and removal, sub surface application of antimicrobial, heavy flushing and extraction and special odor fighting enzyme injection application with a secondary topical treatment of pet odor fighting enzyme deodorant.

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